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Akita Inu

Akita InuAkita puppies are native Japanese breed dogs originating from the North part of Japan. It has becoming the national dog of Japan. It is a large size in the dog breed. It is strong, powerful, muscular, has well body structure and distinctive looking. The fact is that it is great as a pet, good companion and turn out to be our good friend or family member. Akita dog is commonly known as Akita Inu or Akita Ken.

Facts and Information on Akita Dogs
This Japanese breed dog is a very docile pet, getting very well with human. Akita is intelligent, smart and courageous. This dog is faithful and if it receives proper training when it was young, probably during puppy age, it can become a good guard dog.

Akita Temperament
To other dogs or animals, Akitas can turn out to behave differently as it would be more aggressive and attack them. If there are other pets at home, such as big fish, reptile, cats, or other dogs, then you should pay more attention to them.

Even akita dogs are companion as pet, children must learn how to get well with these dog, treat them well. If the dog feels being challenged or teased, it might bite. If you have baby or young kids at home, you need to put more care.

Akitas are natural born guard dog, and often try to protect their family members from threats and strangers. Take proper precautions when somebody entering your house.

This dog a loving a loyal pet is well taken care of. These are more akita information that may help you.

Caring for Akita Inu
The care guide that is essential for any Akita dog owner

Akita Puppies Care Guide
Caring information including puppy buying guide, exercises, and trainings

Exercises for Akita
Activities and tricks that can be used to help your dog to stay fit and be discipline

Akita Training
Trainings that are essential to keep your dog healthy, discipline and have good socialization skills with others

Health & Fitness
Prevention that you should always keep in mind to make sure your pet dog is always healthy

Dog Rescue
The rescue efforts by organizations for Akita. Places that you may find adopt a free Akita puppy happily.

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